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Addendat Splorp Buggery

(Tentacular chronology)

Deekoo L.
14 November
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Look at the frayed edges of reality
the point where it fades almost to transparency.
Can you see me there?
Seeing, can you tell which side of the veil
you're standing on?

Should you want more info, see

I blog with vim. But not vigor, because I don't
use X all that much (as a matter of fact, I've
been known to go as long as two days without X
on occasion.). The actual entries are propagated
from Yarm to LJ using Addendat. Which is why
they don't look like anyone else's. That, and
the fact that most people have too much taste
to use background images like mine. See above
remarks about X for a possible explanation.

Ibble ibble ibble ibble ibble ibble.